Other Work

I have worked with several small organisations to help them understand what they might use a website for and to understand who their website is for. BAsed on this I have then designed and developed (and sometimes I have maintained) the website for them. However, I have also done several other types of activity and these are detailed here.

Conferences & online workshops

attendees at a conference organised by Joe Burns

I have organised a number of conferences with numbers ranging from 50 to 200 attendees. This work has included:-

  • Setting up and marketing the event through Eventbrite and using Facebook (paid) advertising to promote events
  • Registration management at the conferences
  • Production of conference PowerPoint decks and technical set up and management on the day of the conference

Since 2020 (like so many others) I have run several Zoom-based workshops and events, managing attendees and breakout groups and screensharing etc.


consultancy wordmap

I have provided both IT and more general management consultancy for several pieces of work.

  • Developed a Digital Communications Strategy for one organisation.
  •  worked alongside an existing staff member to produce a ‘Request for Proposals’ so they could re-evaluate their current IT support provider.
  • Acted as a stand-in webmaster for  Network Leeds to ensure their weekly e:bulletin is produced and distributed.

Analysis / Documentation


Examples here include:

  • Doing a piece of work for Health for All so that all their projects could be described in a common way in order to give stakeholders and potential funders a clear view about the similarities and differences between different projects. 
  • Documenting the existing features in a database system for Maecare so that they could use this as a basis for discussions with potential suppliers for a new system.
  • Designing an online (and a paper version)  survey for Caritas Leeds and then analysing the results using Excel
  • Devising evaluation forms, processing the forms and producing post-conference Feedback Reports